POST Run a Report


The following method is used to run a report using POST.

Note: This method creates a unique ID you can further use to GET Report Data.


JSON Payload

JSON Report Object - Pass a valid JSON Report Object via the method's 'Body' adding report ID and parameters to the request according to the following options:

  • All report parameters have default values - Pass a valid JSON Report Object obtained with your GET request via the method's 'Body'.

    Note: The report will run using those default values.

  • Some parameters do not have default values or you want to override the report parameters default values Pass a valid JSON Report Object with report ID and all mandatory parameters via the method's 'Body'.

    JSON Object

    Note: The parameter highlighted in red is a placeholder for the mandatory value described below.

    "reportTemplateId": "REPORT_ID",
    "reportParameters": {
    "sd": ["START_DATE"],
    "ed": ["END_DATE"],
    "cid": ["COMPANY_ID"],
    "tz": ["TIMEZONE"],
  • REPORT_ID - Replace this placeholder with your report ID.
  • START_DATE - Replace this placeholder with your required report start date.
  • END_DATE - Replace this placeholder with yourrequired report end date.
  • COMPANY_ID - Replace this placeholder with your report company ID.
    Note: If you have a ONE Video Organization ID, please submit a ticket with the name and ID of your Organization to and we will provide you with your cid.
  • TIMEZONE - Replace this placeholder with your report timezone value.
  • WITH_AFFILIATES_STATUS - Replace this placeholder with your required 'With Affiliates' toggle position - true or false.

Important! 'Content-type' parameter header must be set with a value of 'application/json'.

Note: To learn where you can find you report ID, please refer to How Can I Find the Report ID?


JSON Object

"reportTemplateId": "5ab27ed730dbe2000197b9b5",
"reportParameters": {
"sd": ["2018-04-01T0"],
"ed": ["2018-04-02T0"],
"cid": ["545db032e4b0af1a81424b48"],
"tz": ["UTC"],
"af": ["true"]




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