Create a New Seller Deal ID

A deal gives buyers priority over ordinary bids. Once you have completed negotiations with the buyer, you can create a Deal ID by adding the parameters to the New Deal page.

  1. Go to Marketplace > Deals and click + New Deal.

The New Deal workflow opens.

  1. Define the deal Status.

Note: Only a Live deal can deliver on bid requests.

  1. Enter a the Deal Name.
  2. Set the Start and End dates and times for the deal.
  3. Select the Deal Type to determines the priority of the deal.

Based on the Deal Type selected, the Pricing Type is pre-defined a Fixed or Floor price.

Note: If Guaranteed deal type was selected, you additionally have to apply the Priority Type, which is either Ad Priority or Sponsorship.

  1. Set the Priority of the deal, 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest).
  2. Enter the CPM price in the CPM field.

If the deal has a Fixed price, the deal will clear at the CPM price in the CPM field.

If the deal has a Floor price, this price is the minimum bid that will be considered to win the deal.

  1. Select the Buying Platform from the drop-down list.

Note: The ability to select one or multiple Buying Platform is determined by the Deal Type. Only buyers approved for buying on at least one connection in a Private Marketplace appear for selection in the Buying Platform list.

  1. Select the Marketplace you want to assign to this deal.

Note: The Private Marketplaces displayed depend on the Buying Platforms selected in the previous step.

  1. Add Connections by either searching for specific connections or select Connections from the list.

Note: At least one Connection must be selected before a deal can be saved. If a deal is linked to all connections, then any new connection created automatically links to that deal.

  1. Click Save & Exit.
  • The Deal ID is auto-generated by the Video SSP system and displays in the ID column in the Deals list. For details, see Seller Deal ID.
  • Forward the Deal ID to the buyer as well any needed parameters.

Note: If you have multiple Buying Platform, the Deal ID should be sent out to all of the participating buyers.


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