Marketplace Selling

In this section:

  • Introduction to the Video SSP Marketplace for Sellers
  • Basic ad request in Video SSP
  • Best practices for monetization
  • Connections review process by Policy Team


Introduction to the Video SSP Marketplace for Sellers

The Video SSP Marketplace provides sellers with a powerful and efficient system for selling online video ad inventory. Anyone with access to video inventory and who wants to earn incremental revenue can be a seller: publishers, content management systems, even rep firms.

You can sell inventory in marketplaces by creating a Marketplace Connection. A Marketplace Connection is like a pipe that connects a seller’s inventory to the Video SSP Marketplace, enabling buyers to purchase this inventory in a programmatic fashion.



A seller can segment their inventory into multiple connections (even if the inventory is from the same site).

Example: You could break up inventory by geo and apply different floorCPMs.


Basic ad request in Video SSP

Process Stage



The video player calls the Video SSP ad player (and asks for an ad).


The Video SSP ad player receives metadata for that ad request (including pageURL).


The ad player decides which marketplace connection to select based on that metadata.


The trouble with iFrames

For security reasons, requests from video players in iframes can’t be monetized without special permission from the Marketplace team.

We cannot verify the pageURL. Instead, we see only the iframe URL.



Best practices for monetization

Connections approved for the Video SSP Marketplace must contain, only, sites with the same connection settings - including content type, ad initiation, video quality, placement type, ad sound, and language*. 

Video SSP Marketplace publishers must follow the acceptable practices outlined in the Video SSP Code of Conduct.

The following table outlines the best practices to monetize and maximize potential marketplace impressions: 

Monetize Seller’s Inventory

Monetize Buyer

  • Allow ad durations of at least 30 seconds: 50% of marketplace ads are 30 seconds long with companion banners
  • Accept companion banners
  • Support and use VPAID tags: Many buyers have shifted to VPAID ads because of its interactivity functionality
  • Set your reserve price at a low CPM possible: The lower the floor, the more potential marketplace ads impressions are available for your inventory.
  • Accept RTB buyers: Approve all RTB buyers to increase competition from non-RTB marketplace buyers and potential ad impressions.
  • Select Auto Ad Approval for all buyers: Auto Ad Approval saves you time and immediately allows ad campaigns to start bidding on your inventory.
  • Enable RTB Buying
  • Enable Site-Level Reporting



Connections review process by Policy Team

  • The Video SSP Policy team reviews the connection to make sure each site exactly matches the settings specified in the connection.
  • The Video SSP Policy team must be able to find video content on the listed domain(s) and be able to verify the connection specifications.
  • All sites are vetted against our internal blacklist.
  • If a site listed in a connection is blacklisted, we will removed the blacklisted site.
  • If one or more sites do not match the settings specified in the connection, Video SSP Policy will stop reviewing and reject the connection.
  • If a connection is altered or rejected during the approval process, the publisher will be notified via email by the Video SSP Policy team. If you have any additional questions please contact (
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