How to Define an Affiliate Organization for Your Inventory Source

In the 'Affiliate' tab, you can enable affiliate organizations to approve ads and/or pull custom reports for your inventory source.

To define an affiliate organization for your inventory source, perform the following steps:

  1. Access your inventory source create page by either creating a new inventory source or editing an existing one.


  2. Click on the 'Affiliate' tab. The Affiliate tab is displayed.

  3. Optional: Under the 'Available Organizations' area, search for the required organization by typing its name in the 'Search' field and clicking enter/return. The relevant search results are displayed.

  4. Go to the required organization and click '+ Add'. The affiliate organization is defined for your inventory source and added to 'My Selection' list.

  5. Optional: Repeat steps 3-4 to add another affiliate organization to your inventory source.

  6. Click on 'Save & Exit'. Your inventory source is saved. 
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