Marketplace Buyer Review

The buyer review dashboards

  • Sellers on the Video SSP Marketplace can approve or reject campaigns on two levels: the campaign level and the buyer level.
  • In the Creative Review tab, sellers can reject potential campaigns on an individual basis.
  • ​New buyers considering your sites in the Video SSP Marketplace have their permissions set to your Default Settings.
  • Users can set or change the default settings by clicking the Default Settings button in the Awaiting Review tab.
  • The Default Settings in the Awaiting Review tab automatically take effect for Approved buyers (buyers are approved based on whether the default setting at the top of the buyers list for new buyers is 'auto-approved' or 'manually approved'). To change settings for specific buyers, see Approved tab.
  • If  selected buyers are declined to buy your inventory and rejected to establish connections, the buyer name moves to the Rejected tab.


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