Manage Rejected Buyers List


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Buyers dashboard under the rejected tab


In the main menu navigate to Marketplace > Buyer Review > Rejected tab. Displays the list of buyers rejected for all connections.



*Buyer and submission date columns are sortable.




Filters list by buyers name.

Context menu

: Opens the buyers options drop-down menu to Download the list of buyers to CSV or Excel.

To make changes to a single buyer, select the context menu inline to your buyer name. Available options:

  • Approve for All Connections
  • Approve for Select Connections…


Shows the name of buyer.

Action button (Bulk edit buyer): To bulk edit settings on multiple buyers, select the checkbox in front of the buyer name. After selecting the buyers to update, the bulk edit options are displayed under the Action drop-down menu:

  • Approve for All Connections
  • Approve for Select Connections…
  • Reject for All Connections

Submission Date

Displays the date the buyer first attempted to make purchases on your inventory.


Displays the buyers status as Rejected for all Marketplace Connections.

If the user changes the status to Approve for All Connections or Approve for Select Connections, then the buyer displays under the Approved tab.


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